Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 2...

Okay, it's not really day 2, it's 5 days later, but it's still day 2 for me typing something. So far in my own little blog land I'm still trying to figure all this out! I decided my first priority was to figure out how to get pictures on here and I'm working on that. I still get sidetracked by the blog button, but first is pictures! I've been busy doing lots of stuff I want to show you. Just to keep your interest, it involves drying okra and lobster tails! Now have I peeked your interest?

On a personal note, I made a resolution tonight and I feel so much better. You can't change the decisions one of your children make when they are grown up. It may be wrong, but you just have to accept it and go on with your life. Why sit around and cry about it? You can't change it, so guess what? You go dry some more okra and keep crafting!

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ghornets70 said...

You are so sweet! Love ya.