Monday, October 25, 2010

Hair Pretties.

I know every crafter out there in blog land has done a post (or more) on fabric flowers. I'm jumping into the pool. The littlest princess in our family, Tierni, has some hair issues. Her mommy can do her hair so pretty and 10 minutes later, you would never know. I thought, okay, I'll make headbands for the girls and maybe she would keep it in. She wore it like Rambo, so that didn't work! Sure wish I had taken a picture of that! A 2 year old with a Care Bear headband like Rambo - priceless! So I did a fabric flower on a clippie.

I know, the picture is terrible (so are the rest, I need to learn how to work the camera).

Okay, hair pretty done. Now find a model. Tierni was tired and watching Dora.

I did what any grandma would do, I bribed her with a popsicle!

She actually left it in for awhile. Okay, I lied, she left it in until she got her popsicle. Off to make more.

See you tomorrow.

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