Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This is funny!

Triniti was out of school last Thursday, Friday, and Monday. Normally I go over to Krissi's house, get Triniti off to school and then Tierni and I come back here. But since Triniti didn't have school, Krissi brought the girls over here in the morning. Which gave us a lot of play time! While she was eating breakfast one morning, she told me she was going to be a Barbie fashion designer when she grew up. I told her that was great (not knowing what was going to come next). She got paper and the markers and drew this:

She told me that I would be her sewer and I should go back right now and make that dress! Okay, now what do I do!

My Grandma Gerken would always make all of us cousins Barbie clothes for Christmas. I'm talking a whole shoebox full of clothes! And get this, they had buttons, zippers, and all the trimmings.

Back to my problem. I thought to myself as I walked back to the sewing room, "Please Grandma, help me out here". We went in and this is what we came out with:

My little futile attempt at Barbie clothes. Trin was thrilled! She told me I made it just like she designed it! I know, look at the hair! That was fixed for the photo. You know how these designers are.

I hope somewhere in Heaven, Grandma is looking down on me and proud of what I did. Truth be told, she and Mom are probably cracking up over it! I'll get better, Grandma, I promise.

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