Sunday, December 12, 2010

Jalynn, This One's For You!

We had the absolute pleasure of attending Jalynn's first band concert Thursday night. I was especially proud because I was in band (a long time ago). I know now how Greg, Josh, and Jennifer feel when they watch the kids play in all their sports. You see, they are all athletic and it must make them so proud to watch the little ones compete in the same sports that they excelled in. I think it goes without saying that I am not and never have been athletic, which is why this concert was extra special for me. Greg even had to tell me a couple of times to quit tapping my foot along with the music as the kids were doing. He's just darn lucky I didn't sit up straight with my feet in front of me when the conductor got onto the podium! Anyway, here's a few pictures. Enjoy!!!

(Yeah, I don't know either what he's doing or thinking!)

Thanks again, Jalynn. We had a great time! Love you!

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ghornets70 said...

Not bad! For being extremely ill you did another wonderful job of displaying our Grandkids in a neat way. Luv Ya!