Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Post about not Posting

I left my camera at Krissi's house this morning and so I have nothing to show you. That would be the end of a normal person's reason for not posting today, but I'll (because I'm not normal) explain it. I have way too many projects going on at once so when I go to Krissi's early in the morning, I pack a bag (with the camera) to work on things there before the girls wake up. They slept later so I had finished some things and took a picture. As luck would have it, they started doing cute things so I took more pictures. When it was time to take Triniti to school, I grabbed my bag (with the camera still sitting on the table) and left. Tierni and I took Triniti to school and went to Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Target and Home Depot. I know, a lot of stops and poor Tierni kept saying, "Grandma, can we please be done?". Okay, we're done for today. Came home and this afternoon went to take pictures of everything done and no camera. Still sitting on Krissi's table. That's it. End of story. I'll show you tomorrow what we finished.

Don't say it, I already know what you're thinking. I know I said I couldn't post today, but this doesn't count, no pictures.

Have a great Wednesday! See you tomorrow.

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