Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Light Box

I've been wanting a light box to take better pictures of the little things I'm going to put in my Etsy shop. I just missed one on Swagbucks a couple of weeks ago. I started googling yesterday morning and made my own.

I was only supposed to cut three sides, but I got a little knife happy. Scary, huh?

Then you just tape white tissue paper to the sides.

Take white poster board and tape to the top and curve out. (I taped the poster board in before I put tissue paper over the top.)

Then you just grab random things out of the family room to see if it works.

That's my sister and me. I'm the short one.

This is going to work perfect upstairs on the pool table with the table light shining right down on top! Now I just need for my new camera to hurry up and get here!

1 comment:

ghornets70 said...

Good job saved a ton on actually having to buy one. I think you deserve a 7" reader for the great savings. Luv Ya!