Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Move Over, Terri...

There's a new Creative Princess in town! This is totally Jordyn's post. We had the pleasure of having the kids spend last Saturday with us. Greg and I had a lot of running around to do and we dragged them along with us and they never complained once! We stopped at the Dollar Store because I was looking for little Styrofoam balls and didn't find them, but they found those things that expand in water. We finally got home and they wanted to try them out. Jordyn decided it would be good for the blog. Remember as you are looking at these pictures, Jordyn took them all. She took pictures of every step. I'm telling you, she's good!

She had Jalynn show them before she put them in the water.

There were probably a hundred pictures of this. I narrowed it down to one. Your welcome.

Jace and I decided that Styrofoam looked like it could be Jurassic Park and he started coloring it for all the little dinosaurs. Sorry, camera broke and we don't have any pictures of that. Your welcome, again.

And that is the one and only picture I got to take!

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