Saturday, January 15, 2011

Our Trip to JoAnns

I haven't been able to do much crafting this week to show you because Greg has been really sick. I got that dreaded phone call Tuesday morning that no wife or mother ever wants to get. He was with the EMT's and I was to meet them at the doctors office because they could get him in. He's very dizzy and his arms go numb and tingly. They've been doing all kinds of tests on him this week and I'm driving Miss Daisy because he can't drive. They are ruling the bad things out and now we go see a neurologist next week. He has good days and on those days, I take advantage of our little outings to doctors. Yes, we made a stop at JoAnns. I told him to just wait in the car, but he wanted to go with me. Guess what? He had more fun than I did! I kept losing him and thought I would find him passed out in an aisle somewhere, but no, he found something he needed to show me to buy. Believe me, I was in Heaven! The funniest thing was, when we were in line to check out, the cashier and I had to wait because he was still picking up things in that aisle they have when you go to pay. It's funny, little things like that make all the worry go away for a little while and pure happiness sets in!

I've got a lot of projects in the works and can't wait to show you next week.


ghornets70 said...

I did have fun shopping at JoAnn's! Found a great deal on storage files.(I think there suppose to be for yarn or something like that). Thx Hun, Luv ya

ghornets70 said...

Well finally it took, I get tired of responding and typing all kinds of good sh&* and it doesn't show up!!!!!