Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You're Still the One...

come on everyone sing along, that can scratch my itch. We're still having fun and you're still the one. Well, you all are not singing so I guess I'll go on with my post. We got this card in the mail from Helzberg Diamonds last week for our anniversary.

I loved the front of the card and decided to make Greg a key ring out of it.

That's the part I really wanted.

I cut it out and the little part at the bottom.

Ran up to Hobby Lobby and bought some Shrinky Dinks because I couldn't find any around here. I know I had some, but who knows where it is. You know, I really need a kick back from Hobby Lobby. What would they do without me?

I cut out a piece that I thought would work once it shrunk.

Then I Mod-Podged paper and the key and words on it.

The washer was an after thought and I did it late one night in a hurry. I need to redo that part. I don't like it, it's messy. That's the good thing about giving something I made to Greg, I can take it back and fix it!

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