Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Bingo

Today is the big game and the kiddo's will be here. I don't think we are as excited about it as much as the guys are. I tried to come up with something to keep us interested in the game. Hence, Super Bowl Bingo.

I googled to find out what commercials were going to be on and what was in them, like babies, monkeys, horses, etc. Also, I thought of a few football things that we would know.

I used a spreadsheet and then just started moving squares around to get 10 different sheets. I found cute little football stickers to use as markers.

We're ready. Let the game begin!

1 comment:

ghornets70 said...

Bingo was alot of fun even if we only had limited number of players. Funny how out of 3 of us I still finished last and u 2 tied for 1st.....and who made up this game??