Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Tuesday!

We get to play at Night Owl Crafting!


Here are this week's questions.

1. What is your favorite magazine?
I love People Magazine. I also like Rachel Raye and Taste of Home for recipes for when I pretend that I'm actually going to cook!

2. What color are your eyes?

3. Do you go to the dentist on a regular 6 month schedule, or do you put it off?
I hate going to the dentist and so there's no way I would go every 6 months. When my kids were all still home, I took them every 6 months. They never thought that was really quite fair.

4. Do you use anything to make your house smell good?
ex: candles, spray,etc...
I love candles, but don't light them very often. For every day, I use the Fabreeze Noticeables. The linen and sky always smell so fresh.

5. Do you have any pets?
We have two big old babies (dogs). They are brother and sister and spoiled rotten!


The Wille's said...

I have a stack of magazines (probably 6-8 inches) of Taste of Home magazines that I went through and marked all the recipes I wanted to try..... still waiting to try them:) I think the older ones were so much better! The new ones have too many ads:(

Melissa said...

haha my parents dogs are bffs too!

Lesley Stein said...

Yeah People magazine!

Christine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am a new follower.
So what kind of dogs do you have?
Mine is spoiled rotten also. If she didn't get whatever she wanted I think she would have a heart attack. Actually my husband and I joke that when she gets mad because she isn't getting what she wants, that she is gonna pack her bags up and find a new home.
Have a good evening.
Christine @ Fabric Junkie

Rachel said...

Hi there! Following you back - and I voted for your ridiculously cute bracelet! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

jag748 said...

Hi Happy girl just seeing what lovely comments your followers have to say..