Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Book Purse

As I promised, here is how I made the purse out of a book for Pat the Bunny. Before we start, we all need to tell Greg that I need a new craft room with more light! The pictures are bad, but you'll get the idea.

Lay your book that you want to use on the folded side of the fabric. Draw a line from the bottom of the book up to a little over the top getting wider as you go. I know my sides aren't even in the picture. I saw it after the picture was taken and fixed it. Just be even on both sides. Cut 2 of these.

Fold both pieces (right sides in) and sew up sides.

Turn one of the two you've sewn, right out side out and press.

Then insert the right side out one into the wrong side out piece (right sides together).

Sew the two pieces together at the top and be sure to leave an opening for turning.

Pull everything through the opening you left.

Once you get the lining down in the purse, top stitch across the top making sure you catch your opening.

Once it's all top stitched, iron and turn the sides in to form a fold.

For the handles, I just kind of eye-balled the length and made them a little wider than 2". I cut 2 and ironed them in half and then brought the sides to the middle and ironed.

Fold both sides over.

Top stitch after it's folded.

That's all done, now for the easy part! Cut the pages out of the book you're working with.

Take your handles and hot glue to the inside. I used ribbon or cord and glued in the middle to tie.

To put the purse in, I start on one side and glue the top first. Then I do the sides. Flip it over and do the same order on the other side.

Here's what you do now, stand back and say, "Wow, how cute is that?"!

These are the pages I took out of the book.

I cut around all the images and then laminated them.
They all found their little home in Noah's Ark!

Happy Wednesday!


Cranberry Morning said...

That is very, very cute!! I can see a little one enjoying hauling around their little ark animals. :-)

Tanyia said...

This is such a cute idea! I love what you did... what a great little thing to keep a little person busy :)

KJ@letsgoflyakite said...

So happy I found the tutorial! This is an excellent idea for books that lose their pages but have very special covers.