Saturday, May 14, 2011

Super Saturday!

Everybody that was so frustrated with Blogger Thursday and Friday that they had to go to Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnns and Home Depot (a couple of them twice) stand up! Okay, sit down now (I hope I'm not the only one standing) and look at some of the Super Stars who linked up Thursday.

I'm telling you, remember this name! Michell at Girl in Air made this Activity Wall for her little lucky son! One day you will see her name and fabulous creations in many magazines!

Christy at Glitter to Gumdrops made the most adorable Winnie the Pooh invitations!

Look how clever and creative Sky is at Capital B! She made personalized note pads!

Agy at Green Issues made this scarf out of a t-shirt that I just love! We see a lot of the necklaces, but this is so new and unique!

Terry at These Peas Taste Funny made the cutest bracelet out of jump rings! Which by the way, was one of the things I picked up when I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday.

If you were featured  be sure to grab a button!

Thank you to everyone who linked up this week!! Let's all keep our fingers crossed that Blogger doesn't have another hiccup next Thursday!

Have a great weekend!


Missy said...

Hi! I'm a new follower from the blog hop! I'm now following you and would love for you to do the same! :)


Sky {Capital B} said...

Thanks for featuring, Terri! I love your sunflower shutters in the post below- how fun to have some samples for a mini! I'll be back around for sure- hope you have a great weekend!

Christa said...

stopping by from "the adventures of j-man and miller bug" blog hop! we would love for you to come check us out!! we follow back :)just leave a comment!

Marlee said...

Hey! Found your blog from the Weekend Blog Hop! You've got a great blog here, I love it! So creative! Happy new follower :).

Christa said...

thanks for following! you're a gem! looking forward to seeing more of your blog!

Terry said...

Thanks so much for hosting this party, Terri. I can't wait to see what you do with your new jump rings. :)

cajunlicious said...

Hi! Following you from the Finding
New Friends blog hop! Hope you visit
my Cajun blog and return the follow!
-Jessica @

Liz said...

That activity wall is so cool, I love it!!
Stopping by from Weekend Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower, hope you can stop by and follow back.

Bob Ross Afro Blog said...

Those Winnie The Pooh invitations are pretty sweet.

Misty and Eve said...

We've awarded you the versatile blogger award. Check out our site to see what that means.

<3 Misty and Eve

Toni said...

What awesome creations!!!

Found you through Say Hi Sunday!

Carrigan's Joy

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I love the personalised note pads. As for Blogger, I am so annoyed with them; they've deleted many comments from my blog posts and haven't restored them. People keep saying they will be restored but I'm not holding out much hope now. This could do a lot of damage to people's blogs.

CJ xx

Sarah said...

Great features!

I am a new follower from Relax and Surf Sundays, I hope you will stop by sometime

NANCY said...

Hello! Hope you're having a fantstic weekend!


I'm your newest follower. If you'd like to follow back, you can find me at


I love the look and feel of your sight--not to mention the great photography. Very nice!

I'm a new GFC follower and hope you will follow back on my blog: where you will find lots of free information on all sorts of money matters--business and personal.



Pinching Abe said...

Hi -- I'm a new follower from Relax and Surf. I hope you are able to return the follow.

Have a great Sunday!

Queen Bee said...

Sooooo funny. My "decompression zone" is my neighborhood Hob Lob. My husband thinks I have a I can tell him I'm not alone. :)

Shana said...

Hi! Just stopping by! Following you from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop Blogger Blackout Edition! Would love it if you LIKE my facebook page: or follow my blog:

Jill said...

At least the blogger issues all seem to be sorted now! and we were all in the same boat!

Found you through the blog hop. I'm following you now and hope you'll stop by my blog sometime too!
have a great week!

Agy said...

Hi Terri! Thanks for featuring my project amidst a group of creative ladies :-) My favourite is the activity wall.


Michell @ Girl In Air said...

Not sure if I got a chance to stop by and say THANK YOU for featuring my wall...Thank you so much!