Friday, May 27, 2011

We're Singing in the Rain!

We live in Missouri and it rained all last week. I really miss the sun! Last Wednesday Triniti (my granddaughter who is 6 going on 16) called me. Here are her exact words, "Grandma, it's raining. I need a raincoat, rain boots, rain hat, and an umbrella. I would like for it to be purple and say The Puppy Princess.". I'm thinking she pretty much said all of that in one breath.

I ran to Wal-Mart the next day and thankfully they had everything she "needed" in purple!

I just couldn't tell that little angel no. That's the advantage of being a Grandma!

There was no way I could give Triniti something and not Tierni.

I cut the letters out of vinyl using my Cricut and sewed them on to make sure they stayed.

Now it was time for a picture of the two of them together and this is what I got.

I wanted them to stand in front of the fence, but they were too busy talking to the puppies in the backyard! It took forever to get them both to turn around and look at me.

Good job little dolly's! Now you can go play in the rain!


Cranberry Morning said...

How cute!!! You're every kid's dream Grandma!! :-)

Eschelle said...

way too cute!! puppy princess how scrumptious!

Crunchy Diva said...

oh my how adorable are they? that is so cute that she asked for everything that she needed in purple that's fantastic. i love how you decorated the hats what a clever idea.

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Ewa said...

oh, so pretty in purple :)))

Jansen Family said...

Super cute! They look like they should be in a musical! ;) Nice job!


Baye said...

You are one lucky grandma to have those two!

Denise McD said...

How adorable are those hats?! and of course the little princess' under them!!!! So cute! I have stumbled you and GFC as well :) I am going to go read more of your posts now :) I hope you get a chance to check out mine :)