Friday, July 1, 2011

Vase to Lamp

A friend of mine had a vase that someone special had given her. Not being a flowery type girl, she ask if I could make a lamp out of it for her.

This was a little tricky!

I knew I couldn't drill a hole in it for the cord and it had a wide mouth.

I used a Bottle Adapter Kit and PVC pipe from Home Depot.

The bottle kit was too small for the pipe, so I had to use everything in the kit and more to make it snug and stay in the top. I did add another PVC pipe and put it inside the bigger one to hold that in.

Here's what that mess looked like when all finished.

Now for the cord problem. I started wrapping jute around the pipe and hid the cord in there.

I stopped when I got to where the top of the vase would be.  The rest of that pipe is standing in the vase. Hey look, I'm out of paper towels!

She loved it! Sorry about the shadow.

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steufel said...

Wow - that looks pretty cool.

Katie said...

So cute, I love it :)

Cranberry Morning said...

That's beautiful! I have a couple antique (and broken) lamps that have been in the family for generations. This post is just the motivation I needed to get them working again! Thanks.

P.S. Buy Bounty. ;-)

Peace Love & Poop said...

Wow, you made that look so easy!! :)

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Terry said...

Ooooh, it turned out great. That is one gorgeous vase and an even more gorgeous lamp. Nice job.

Baye said...

Love that cord solution--not only hides it, but also keeps in in place. It's lovely!

LINDY said...
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LINDY said...

What a neat looking lamp! You did a great job transforming it into something more useful for your friend!

Kathy said...

You made that look so simple. Simple enough that maybe even I can turn a vase into a lamp.


PuppyFly Boutique said...

What a clever lady! I bet you could even make something nice out of that paper towel tube :) Anna x

Ashley said...

aw so creative!!! love it:)
would love for you to share at "tell me tuesday"

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

I love this! I would love it if you would link up to my Tuesday Confessional link party going on now: I hope to see you soon!
~Macy from Confessions of a SAHM

Megan said...

wow. you did a great job!


Johnnie said...

Great idea, Terri! I am going to try this.

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To Sew With Love said...

Wow! That is totally fab and totally awesome! Thanks for sharing... we are featuring this today and votation also starts today. Do grab a featured button if you fancy so ^^)

have a lovely weekend!