Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What a Weekend!!

It's so hard getting back to normal after one fantastic weekend! We always buy everybody season tickets to Oceans/Worlds of Fun for the summer. Even though we only live about 40 minutes from the parks, Greg rents one of their cabins for us to stay in. It's nice to have a place to come back to eat, change, or even just rest! We left Saturday morning and came home for the 4th.

The kids were all still riding rides, but Greg and I came back to set up to watch the firework display they shoot off.

It's a huge display and that sweet little Tierni would run to Greg and say, "Happy Birthday, Papa" everytime one went off. She thought they were doing it for him!

There's a loft in the cabin and the perfect treehouse for the little ones.

We came home on the 4th to celebrate here.

So much fun!


Terry said...

How adorable is Tierni saying happy birthday to papa each time there were fireworks. That is sooo cute. Sounds like a great weekend!!

Deborah March said...

It really IS...all about family!!

Kerry SewPizazzed.com said...

I love how the kids are all dressed in similar shirts for the 4th. I found you through Karima's Crafts Blog. Your ETSY shop is very cute.

Lindsay said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for the FTLOB Critique, and for becoming a follower! I appreciated all your comments, and am so happy to have you as a reader. How adorable, her saying happy birthday papa for each July 4th firework. That is heart melting stuff right there :)