Monday, July 18, 2011


Have I told you lately how much I love Wordle? It's just so easy and fun for a quick little project.

Last week was Josh's birthday and for the first time in 35 years, we didn't see him that day. He was on vacation and although I was so happy for him and everyone having a great time, the mother in me still was missing him on his birthday. I know, it's a "mom" thing.

I made this little frame that afternoon using Wordle. I may be the last person on the planet who just found this great site about a month ago, but I sure am loving it! You type in the words you want and if you want any words larger, you type it more times. Like in the one I did, I typed Josh 3 times and the rest of the words just once. Then you just keep hitting random until you find the design you like. A lot of the designs are in color, but I was printing on scrapbook paper so I switched it to black & white. Oh, and the frame I used was one of those little $1.00 wooden frames from Michaels.

This is going to be so much fun for Halloween and Christmas!


gin said...

So cute! I have my third graders create wordles for different topics throughout the year. They have so much fun with them.

Rissa @ Hazel and Honeysuckle said...

Wordle is so cool! That turned out fabulously!

Ashley said...


Baye said...

I have got to get over there and try this out. I hadn't thought about being able to print it out on fun paper for framing. Thanks for sharing that idea.

I just posted about you today. Winning your giveaway inspired me to redo my shed--it's a convoluted story, but thanks.

Terry said...

I have loved Wordle for a long time but never thought to use it in a frame like you did. I really like that (and will definitely be copying, lol). Thanks for sharing!!

Tonya the Hobo Girl said...

I will definitely check out this "Wordle" you speak of. Thanks!

FTLOB - Critique
Your site is well put together and inviting. I can tell it is a crafty blog because it is visually appealing and great care was taken in creating it. I like different blogs (design wise) and seeing the menu at the top of the banner is new. I like it.

As for criticism, I honestly can't find anything. I have made a few suggestions on other people's blogs today but, of those suggestions, I have made none that pertain to your blog. For example, tips like having your friend connection gadget higher up on the right sidebar. Yours is in a good position. Your post title font is original which I also like.

Well done. I look forward to reading some more of your posts. I'm impressed with your blog hit count!

Alex Jae said...

Thats so neat. And thanks for introducing me to Wordle! I think I will consume some time with it!

Sarah said...

SO cute! Seriously, that is an adorable gift that totally fits anywhere!