Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Special Shout Out and Photo Bloopers

I have a special shout out that is long overdue. My blogging friend Kate from craft whatever linked Stella's Cuff Bracelet to It's a Party a couple of weeks ago. As you look at the picture, keep in mind that Stella is 4!

Stella wanted to learn how to sew and Kate (being the good mommy she is) let her sit at her machine and use the decorative stitches. She had to help her with the foot pedal because she couldn't reach it, but for the most part, Stella made it herself!! Beautiful job, Stella! You just keep on craftin'!

That little 4 year old girl has inspired me! You see, my Serger I bought about a month ago, is still sitting in the box because for some reason, I'm scared to death of it! If I could find that innocent and "no fear" attitude of a child, I'm sure I could be using it soon!

Now on to something completely random.

I thought it would be fun to show some of the photos that never make it to this blog.

The photos I post of the grandkids always look so cute, but...

Sometimes my little model isn't always so cooperative!

Remember when I posted about my Kitchen Towel Rag Quilt?

Somebody was watching Dora and I was bothering her!

I had started laying the quilt out in my craft room and the same little "somebody" wanted lunch!
It was 10:00 AM!

Trying to take a picture of an I-pad because you don't know how to get the photo off of there is not an easy task!

Oops, got the tree and my hands with camera.

Well now you've got your whole body!

And last, and most certainly least...

Do these sunflowers make my butt look big?


Kala said...

Ha, ha, enjoyed the bloopers:) What an amazing little crafter little Stella is! And no, the sunflowers do not make your butt look big...I promise:):)

Ginger Zuck said...

Very cute! Sometimes the bad ones are the best and no the sunflowers do NOT make your butt look big! I'm just saying! LOL

Terry said...

Hilarious,....love this post. I guess we all have those bloopers (as Kala called them).

jag748 said...

What sunflowers?

Sam and Emily Grindstaff said...

Open the Serger. I got one and didn't open for months because I was scared to death. I love it. It is easy to thread and use.

Kate @ craftwhatever said...

Terri, you make a mama so proud! When I see my little Stella on your blog, I am like, yep, that's my girl! Thank you sooo much for the shout out. And no about the sunflowers! I like the photo bloopers. Oh I have plenty of those!

Baye said...

It took me a while to get over the serger fear. Now, I use it all the time. I don't have an automatic threading one. The first few months I was tearing my hair out when it came to threading. As it turned out, my nerves were causing most of the problems. I can thread that thing in two minutes now including searching for thread. Get that machine out of the box! You are gonna love it.