Saturday, September 24, 2011

Super Saturday!

We had another great week at It's a Party! I just love seeing what all you talented people come up with! How do you think up these awesome ideas? Do you sleep at night? Without further ado, here are our top 5 most viewed links.

Classic Apple Crisp
Seriously, who doesn't want to take a bite out of homemade apple crisp and ice cream?!!

Craft Room Reveal
I really need to move my craft room to the top of my priority list. Don't you just love taking a peek at everyone else's awesome rooms?!

DIY Pumpkin Baskets
These are just too cute! I really wish I had thought of that!

Under $200/month
Kammy has the proven method to only spend $200.00 or less a month at the grocery store. Thank you, Kammy, for sharing your tips with us!!

DIY Perlers Beads
What a great idea! I am so going to do this with the grandkids! We would always buy the beads at Hobby Lobby and now we can just do it here at home with the straws.

Thank you to everyone who linked up and if you were featured, be sure to grab a button!

Have a great weekend!


Ginger Zuck said...

Lots of great ideas! You are so right, so many creative personalities out there. I love the pumpkin baskets! All you features did great!

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Yay! I'm so happy I made the list. I'm so proud of that is first room we have actually finished. I can't believe the hubby let me get away with that ;) Have a lovely weekend!

Emily said...

Thank you so much for featuring the pumpkin baskets!! I'm truly humbled! :) Have a great weekend!

meijo's JOY said...

Wow! So honor to be feature - you're the best princess!