Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Hair Pretties!

Okay, so now I can't stop making Hair Pretties! Every scrap piece of fabric or zipper or cute button turns into one.

Those little buttons were 25 cents the other day at JoAnns! I know, can you believe it?! Most people would save them for sewing, but no, I made more hair pretties! I did the zippers the same way I did Here, but put a clip on one of them.

My obsession made me think we needed something to hang everything on.

I used two long strips of ribbon and made loops on the top half for headbands.

On the bottom half, I left the smaller ribbon loose (until the end of the ribbon) to hold the clips.

The problem is that the little girls love wearing them as much as I love making them!
Gotta love my little enablers!!


Cranberry Morning said...

These are SO cute!! Love the little Scottie dogs on them. And your 'enablers' are sweet models!

Terry said...

I would be sucked in by that adorable smile and gorgeous eyes too!

Peggy57 said...

These are adorable and that sweet little face could convince me to make them all day long! Anyway it looks like fun. Thanks for sharing.

Poppy said...

These are sooo adorable and I love the color combinations...adding those cute doggie buttons make it more special... the black rosettes, did you make 'em? Your little "enabler" shows it off beautifully! Thanks for today's party. Have a wonderful weekend!Hugs~Poppy