Monday, November 21, 2011

Stocking Stuffers: Key Fobs

It's official, I've started making things for Christmas. I've got some big projects in the works, but started with stocking stuffers.

I know you've seen these all over blogland lately and I thought they'd be perfect little gifts to have on hand.

I used 1" nylon webbing, ribbon, and a strip of Wonder Under all cut to 10".

Iron the Wonder Under to the webbing and then iron the ribbon over it.

Then just sew down both sides.

I ordered the 1" hardware from this Etsy shop. I found that handy dandy tool thing at Hobby Lobby. The rubber on the end keeps it from scratching the metal when you squeeze it closed.

I did find that if I hot glued the webbing to the metal first, it was much easier to keep in place as you're squeezing it shut.

Don't forget, tomorrow is the big giveaway!


Terry said...

These are really cute. Love the colours you chose.

Terri said...

Just change the colors a mite, and you have something for boys. That isn't easy, something homemade for boys.

skippysays said...

What cute little gifts- I wish I wasn't so hopeless with DIYs!

erica922 said...

loooooove them love them
how much r they?? :)

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Love the colors! :)