Monday, January 9, 2012

More Rag Quilts

I made all the little kids rag quilts for Christmas. This is the only picture I have of 3 of them, I was in such a rush to get everything done before, I forgot to take pictures!

There are lots of "how to's" all over blogland. I made one out of a towel here. Because I wanted them small (like a lap quilt) for the kids, I made my squares 8" and cut the batting 6". I went with 5 blocks across and 6 down. They seem to be the perfect size for just cuddling up on the couch...

or taking to an all day volleyball tournament that your sister is playing in! I loved walking into the gym and seeing Jordyn had brought it with her.

Happy Monday and have a great week!


Sarah said...

I love your blog!!! There are so many great ideas! I just started a new blog and would love for you to follow so that we can share ideas! :)

Karan said...

I have loved the rag quilts I spotted this fall. Decided that these are going to be what I do this year for all the Grandkids for Christmas. In fact I just picked up material for the first one last week. Starting early enough to get them all done by December.

Will have 10 of them to do.


Karan said...

Guess I should have said 12. Can not leave out the two great grandbabies. LOL


my meller said...

Oh I love rag quilts! Well...except for doing all of that snipping ;) Looks like you did great & that she loves it!

Terry said...

Oh very nice. How special did you feel when you saw your quilt at that tournament. Very nice, Terri.