Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This ain't gonna be pretty!

Okay, so here it is, the post showing you the pictures of my old craft room and the future new craft room. These are all before pictures and I'll only show them if you promise me 2 things. First, don't hate me when you see the messes! Second, you have to promise to NEVER call the producers of Hoarders on me!

This is what my craft room looked like before Christmas when I was frantically trying to get everything I was making finished up.

I warned you! The funny thing is, I knew exactly where everything was that I needed. I knew it was bad when I mentioned to Greg that I wanted to move my craft room to the dormer and he jumped on the idea!

Here's the problem, the dormer became a dumping ground before Christmas, too!

This dormer was originally Josh's room and when he got married, we put in a pool table. Now that Brandon is gone, it's become a catch all for everything! To make matters worse, I hid all the Christmas presents and wrapped up there.

Greg was so excited to get me and my messes moved upstairs, he went to Home Depot and bought shelves for the closet and started putting them in (while I was cleaning out the room).

After many hours of cleaning, sorting, and trips to drop boxes off at Goodwill, it's finally a clean slate for me to work with.

There is still so much to do, but at least now I have something to work with. Greg told me he would get the pool table out of there, but actually, I want it to stay. I'm going to cover it with my cutting mats and think it will be such a great surface to work on.

All the Miller Lite decor will be replaced with sunflowers. And yes, Roy Williams and Chad Johnson are coming off the walls, although my kids told me to leave them so I would have someone to talk to when I'm up there!

I've started moving things up, but it's taking such a long time because I'm sorting and organizing everything. This is so much work (more than I imagined), but what a reward when it's finished!

I'll keep you updated.

Please tell me you still like me.

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Baye said...

Okay, so you win the "I've got more fabric" war, but not by much.

I'm thinking a fitted top for the table (padded so as to not ruin the pool table finish) would provide you with a large, stable area. You would be able to raise the height a bit with this top if the pool table is too low. I think the pool table is lower than the usual cutting table.

AND you can create storage underneath!

An added bonus with creating the top is that you could lift the top off to use the pool table for family visits. It will give them something to keep them entertained.

Lucky you!

Full Circle Creations said...

So funny...don't report me to "the producers of Hoarders." I have a mess like that in one of spare rooms. It's the dumping ground for all things that I'm not sure what to do with. What makes it worse is that this is an old home and there are NO CLOSETS!
Can't wait to see how you transform that room.


Terry said...

I can so picture you talking to Chad and Roy while you're up there crafting away, lol. I'm so excited for you and I think that's pretty smart keeping the pool table to use as a huge horizontal space. Smarty!!

Ginger Zuck said...

Don't we all have these messy craft areas? Mine is horrible, so don't report me either. I get overwhelmed everytime I walk in there and think this is the day! Has not happened yet!

Grammy Goodwill said...

Can't wait to see your finished room. I know how hard it is.

Terri said...

I don't understand... if you have two rooms, wouldn't your hubby want one for his pool table and be able to play, while you use the other room for crafts and such? Isn't he interested in pool anymore, or do you want him to play pool in your crafty room? I enjoy my hub's company while I'm sewing... he sits on my step stool and talks while I sew.
Still love you, cause your room isn't as messy as mine. Still I do know where everything is, and can reach my hand into the mess, and pull out whatever I'm looking for, most of the time.

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

LOL at the thought of your kids telling you to keeping the football players to talk to. I'd move the pool table to the other room and take the space up as all mine!

Whitney Reed Cypert@Keeping Up with the Cyperts said...

You have SO much crafting stuff! I am jealous!

I tagged you in my last post!

Cranberry Morning said...

Very funny, kids! :-) Doesn't that clean slate feel good!! I need to get a clean slate around here, with several trips to Goodwill. So nice, Terri. Enjoy the great move to the new craft room. :-) BTW, I love that dresser with all those drawers!!

Suzy said...

I can SO relate! I would feel right at home in the before, but I can't wait to see your after!