Friday, January 6, 2012

Wine Cork Necklace

I really needed a necklace to match my bracelet I made Here last week.

Just because I'm classy like that!

I made it like I did the bracelet, but didn't slice the corks. I only used 5 and screwed the eye hooks in the ends of 4 of them.

On the last one, I put the eye hooks on the side.

I joined them all with jump rings and added the chain.

If you were a real jewelry maker, you could add beads to pretty it up, but I'm not and I didn't. And if you were a real photographer, you wouldn't take a picture in a bathroom mirror wearing a t-shirt.

Triniti wanted to wear it to school (1st grade). Uhh...I think not!!

I'll be linking Here this week.


meijo's JOY said...

Love this you make my mind wild again!

Cranberry Morning said...

Probably a good idea that Triniti didn't wear it to school. lol That is SUCH a cute idea. I loved the bracelet and now this. Clever! I see I've got 5 bottles of wine to get through before I can make this. Better get started. ;-)

Mindie Hilton said...

Wine necklaces, Tequilla snowmen, you are my kind of gal ;)Thank you in advance for the feature. I saw your kind comment at Bacon Time. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Tonii said...

You are SO creative! What a fun idea, thank you for sharing!!

The Cranky Queen said...

Creative Princess...Meet the Cranky Queen~LOL! I am a "wine-o" so I had to check out your wine cork necklace via Sassy Sites. Love it...gonna make one...Ok, now you got to visit the blog palace sometimes. I am your newest follower. Tiffany

Jill said...

Love the necklace to match your bracelet Terri! - but you're probably right - not the best accessory for grade 1 at school! :)

Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
Hope you have a fabulous week!
Jill @ Creating my way to Success

Non-sensible said...

I made a cork necklace too! Then I found your link. I love it!! Check mine out!


Sass - aka - Kathy said...

What a great project! Won't you consider sharing it with my readers at Thanks! Happy New Year!

Kadie said...

Ahhhhhh, come on grandma let her ware it to school! Ha, ha! It turned out great. Thanks so much for linking up to our party this week.

Maria Kitching said...

This is great, like it a lot.

Jess said...

Oh My Gosh...this is so cute. My friends tell me I'm kind of a hoarder {I don't seem to think so} BUT I do have a huge bag of wine corks stashed away just for a proj. This is awesome!! I just started following you! I found you on TT&J's linky party!

The Answer Is Chocolate said...

I knew before I clicked on the link that you'd made a necklace to go w/ your bracelet. It turned out great!! OK now earrings?

Christine said...

So cute! I love wine cork projects!

Christine @

Lowri said...

This is a really fun project!
Thanks for sharing

Sunshine for your Soul said...

LOL! Very cute. i'm saving my wine corks as well, but I haven't decided what I will do with them.

New follower here..