Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Best Party Mix EVER!

Seriously, this is the best party mix you will ever eat! My mom made it every Christmas and I have no idea where she found the recipe. You're not going to eat this every day, so when I show you the recipe, don't freak out over the bacon drippings and buttuh (that was me impersonating Paula Dean).

I always use whole bags of pretzels, porky rinds, shoestring potatoes, peanuts, and wheat chex. Throw it all together in a large baking pan. You can really just add anything at this point that you like.

Then heat on the stove in a separate pan:
1/2 pound of butter or margarine
1/2 cup of bacon drippings
4 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
2 tsp tobasco
1 tsp garlic powder

When this is all melted and heated through, pour over snack mix.

Bake at 250 degrees for and hour and a half.
You'll need to stir with a wooden spoon every 15 minutes.
(That 15 minute part is a pain, but so well worth it!)

Munch away and enjoy!

This makes a huge batch, but you can freeze part of it and save it for a special day. It tastes just as good when it comes out of the freezer.

See you tonight for It's a Party!

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Laura said...

Ok I am not even going to share this recipe with the husband because he is on a diet but he would love this!! I just have to say the word bacon and he is in. Maybe I will make it after he is over his diet! We usually make snack mix all winter but not like this! Thank you.

Tonii said...

You had me at bacon drippings :) That looks SO good! Thank you for sharing!!

Cranberry Morning said...

Wow! Another diet food, Terri? lol Looks fantastic! ♥

Ginger Zuck said...

WOW! Just the recipe I need for my eating more healthy, trying to lose weight diet! I cannot make this, I would EAT IT ALL!

Kate @ craftwhatever said...

Bacon fat just makes everything a hundred times better. Hate to say it. But it's true. What about green beans cooked in bacon...I would eat my weight in those beans! A party mix with bacon... Now that's a party mix!!!

Terry said...

Wow. I have to agree that none would make it to the freezer, I'd sit and eat it all, lol. What is a shoestring potato?