Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easiest Dollar Store craft...


With everything going south around here lately, I decided maybe we needed a little green luck!

I made a trip to the Dollar Store and picked up some garland and stuffed it into a liquor bottle from my stash.

I also grabbed shamrock ornaments and one of those table decorations. I took the concrete block out of the bottom of it and

stuffed it in the top of the bottle. Glue the ornaments to a cord or ribbon and that's it!

I sure hope those shamrocks help!

I'm sure you noticed my blog went all white yesterday. The Blog Designer who did my blog lost her server which meant I lost my design. She's back up now and hopefully it's permanently fixed! I hate being so helpless, but there was nothing I could do on my end. I think I'll e-mail her and find out if there's something I can do to store it. Anyway, I'm baaaack!

Have a lucky day!

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Tonii said...

SO cute and simple! I may be making a run to the dollar store later...;)

Terry said...

Your liquor bottle collection cracks me up. This is adorable and I hope it brings some good luck your way. You need it and deserve it. I did notice the white yesterday and thought maybe you were in the midst of a design change or something, lol.