Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you're all having a lovely (get it? love. Valentine's Day. lovely.) day! Here's one last Valentine's post for this year. It's a hair pretty.

I know it looks like Scrabble Tiles, but there is a hair clip on the back.

It all started with these tiles and the hair clip.

Before I glued the tiles to the clip, I glued them together first using E-6000.

Then I glued the clip to the back. Here's a hint: use shelf paper (I get it at the $1.00 store) to help hold the hair in the clip. I just used Tacky Glue to glue it on.


I didn't have a little girl here the day I took the pictures to model, so you get that little friend instead. My real dogs would have no part of it!

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Ginger Zuck said...

Very cute. Happy Valentines!

weemer said...

I guess I'm gonna have to start leaving comments so someone I know knows I've been here....Love Ya!

Terry said...

Very creative. Would never have thought about the shelf paper. Happy Valentine's Day.

pinkertonjamesl said...

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