Monday, February 27, 2012

Huge Craft Fail! Thread Holder

Get ready, this is ugly!

I'm just trying to keep it real here, and that mess is for real. For now.

It started out good in my head. I found that drawer front somewhere and had it stuck away. I thought it would make a great thread holder for the wall, but wanted to distress it first.

Yeah, distressing does NOT work on cheapo laminate wood! Why I didn't stop right there and give up, I'll never know, but I kept on going.

I took out my frustration on it by hammering a million (maybe not quite that many) nails in it.

Added some jute and hung the ugly thing on the wall.

Don't worry, it won't stay that way, but I was sick of messing with it for now.

I'm thinking it needs polka dots.

Happy Monday!

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Kat of EmKatCreations said...

It's not really that ugly but polka-dots would probably help. Thanks so much for posting something that didn't work too, makes me feel just a little big better about my own crafting mishaps.

Terry said...

It's not as ugly as you're letting on, lol. I hate that though, when you have a fabulous idea in your head and then it doesn't translate into reality. I need a thread holder too.

Jill said...

It's not that bad! Maybe you could get longer nails and angle them so you can see the colors of the thread instead of the stickers! Just a thought...

Thanks for keepin it real!

Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh you crack me up every time! It really isn't bad :) Polka dots would be fun though!

Amanda said...

It's really not that bad! Some polka dots don't hurt a thing, and maybe something to jazz up the jute / twine. So long as it does what its meant to, which it does, its all good!

Baye said...

Sorry this is off topic but your link party is not working on my site. I just changed to the new blogger interface which may be a problem in and of itself, BUT I noticed that the link party button on you sidebar also doesn't have the pic. It's got that strange little square instead. It this my problem or ours?

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh, c'mon, Terri, you're being too hard on yourself. That doesn't look at all bad - and looks very handy! :-)

Baye said...

Finally have a moment to check out the actual post! I'm with the Jill who suggested angling the nails. I'd also put two of those saw-toothed hangers on the back for hanging. It's nice, just needs a little tweaking!

Polka dots look good on everything! Of course it will look better with polka dots!