Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I finally crocheted something!

I really did, look!

Now I know to all of you, this is no big deal, but to a person who was ready to throw the yarn and hook out the window, it's a pretty big deal!

You all know I started a crochet class for 3 weeks and this was the first week. I really screwed the outside of it up and it's supposed to be a coaster, but mine is for a really big glass!

Lesson 2: The Granny Square

I got bored last week and once I figured out the double crochet, I made the scarf. Too bad it's in the 50's around here now. By the way, Greg is still making fun of me!

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Kadie said...

I just finished a scarf that look very similar to that one in green!! Great minds think alike! :) Yours turned out great!

Baye said...

The scarf is beautiful. You're doing so much better than me. I crocheted a giant dish cloth, 12x12, in single crochets. Ugly as sin, but it's a start!

Kate said...

You're doing great for a novice. I love the scarf!!!! Keep at it - you'll only get better and better.

Tonii said...

That scarf is totally adorable!! I can't believe you are new at this...looks great!!

Terri said...

I love your scarf. First projects aren't always as nice as your coaster. I think you did a wonderful job for a beginner. You have to take the steps, you know. See what a few weeks of practice can do. You can't expect perfection on the first effort. Good Job! Now teach me... I haven't crocheted anything in almost 40 years. Your scarf is so inspiring. I may just take it up again.
(You'll have a nice scarf for next winter - you know it'll be cold again.)

Donata @ DK's Craft Cafe said...

You did a great job, Terri.
Simple techniques can go a long way.
I'm sure a creative princess like you can already do many great looking things with what you already know about crochet.
The scarf is very cute. I would wear it for sure.

Lori said...

I love the scarf!!! It's GREAT!!! Great job!!!

Agy said...

Great job with the scarf, Terri! :-)

MGB said...

Nice job!