Monday, February 13, 2012

I (Heart) U Necklace

I figured since Valentine's Day is Tuesday, I better get my butt (can I say that?) in gear and make something.

I went to my craft room and started grabbing whatever I could find.

I started with the heart and cut paper to fit and added Dimensional Magic. See where the paper wasn't glued in all the way and rippled up? That's driving me crazy! I normally would have just thrown it away and started over, but I'm out of time. Note to self: make sure your paper is completely glued to the bottom before you add the Dimensional Magic!

I glued jewelry bails to the scrabble tiles and bottom of the heart with E-6000 glue.

Add ribbon and a bead and wa-la, you're done!

Happy Monday!


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Cranberry Morning said...

That is SO cute, Terri! What a creative mind that keeps coming up with new ideas! ♥

Carrie said...


Agy said...

Lovely!! Amazed how you create these crafts.

Terry said...

How cute is that!! Happy VAlentine's Day, Terri.

Vanessa Scott said...

This is great. I have loose Scrabble tiles all over the place! I should try this sometime.

pinkertonjamesl said...

Valentine special necklaces look so fabulous.Heart shape jewelery look so fabulous.

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