Monday, March 5, 2012

Cheapo Shamrock Door Hanging

and all made from leftovers!

I was using up all the leftover green stuff I had laying around on my craft table.

I started with this round cardboard...

and mod-podged rainbow paper to it. Don't you just love that paper? I found it at Michael's.

To cover up the edge, I glued pipe cleaners around it.

I took that Dollar Store table decoration and twisted and twisted until I broke the wire to get the shamrock. Snips probably would have been the easier way to go, but I was on a roll and didn't want to walk downstairs to get them! Oh, and yes, Chad Johnson is still on the wall. Greg is going to help me get him down this week. See my sewing machine in front of him, I feel very protected when I sew!

I hot glued it to the center of the mat.

Couldn't have been any simpler or cheaper!

Now for all you non-believers of how crazy Missouri weather is, this is for you! Last Thursday it hit 70 degrees here. On Friday when I was upstairs making this, Tierni started screaming and told me to look outside.

Yeah, that's right, it was snowing! Gotta love Missouri!

Have an awesome week!

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Cranberry Morning said...

What a cute shamrock!!! You are so clever, Terri. But I didn't need to see that picture of snow. lol

Terry said...

Yeah, we're getting that crazy weather this year too, though it sounds like its the norm for you, lol. And yes, I do love that paper!