Monday, May 7, 2012

More Mickey Necklaces!

You've probably all figured out by now that I can't stand anything leftover laying around. I know if I pack it away, I'll forget about it.

Which is why I usually end up making little necklaces or something for the kids.

I bought these stickers for the big buttons for something else (post coming soon) and had the little ones left. I tried making earrings out of them, but that was a total fail.

So instead, I stuck them in a bottle cap and added Dimensional Magic.

Add a bail to the back and ribbon and you've got yourself a necklace!

While I was digging for bottle caps, I found those little thingies.

The other stickers wouldn't fit, but those little gems did!

Now would somebody please remind me of what I was originally doing the other day before I found all the stickers and got sidetracked?

Happy Monday!

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Mindie Hilton said...

Very cute!

Cranberry Morning said...

So cute, Terri! You never cease to amaze me with all your ideas. :-)

Tonii said...

These are too cute Terri! They look simple enough...maybe I could even make them ;) These will be a must before our next Disneyland trip...thanks for sharing!!