Monday, June 4, 2012

"New" Wicker Chair

Yeah, it's not really new. It's old. Really old. But look at it now!

My dad made a lot of these chairs about 50+ years ago and I still have 4 or 5 around the house somewhere. I needed two for the kitchen and needed them to match, so I added to his perfection and changed them a little. This one started out black.

Note to self: Maybe I should look and see what's laying around before I just walk out the door and snap a picture!

Daddy did an awesome job on the seat, there was nothing wrong with it and it looked like the day he made it! I covered it up and painted the rest a soft white. I didn't use the plastic rake. Just another reason I need to pay more attention when I'm taking photo's!

For the slats in the back, I cut strips of burlap and wrapped them around.

I glued the start down and then just wrapped. If I ever want to take it off, I can.

That's it and it was such a change! I'll show you the 2 chairs with the table as soon as I get the table runner and placemats finished.


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Jillian Nicole said...

It is very nice you were able to reuse your dad's chair. not only is it more sentimental, you do not find good stuff like that these days. Most things that come off a production does not have a long life due to the lack of quality.

Sandy said...

What a great job, the chair looks really good. I love it in white :)

Tonia L said...

Looks cute! What a great idea!

Daffy's Dream said...

very nice work, i like the combo of white and khaki

Poppy said...

You did a wonderful job repurposing your dad's chair! He did a beautiful job on it and I love how you wrapped the burlap and painted it white....lovely transformation. Thanks for sharing with us!Hugs,Poppy