Saturday, June 2, 2012

Super Saturday!

Hello weekend and hello neighborhood garage sale! Because we were on vacation, I didn't have time to get things together to sell, but you can bet your sweet bottom that I'm going to go out and see what "treasures" I can find today!

Before I go, here are your top 5 most viewed links from It's a Party:

Vacation Activity Books

These are so cute! I sure wish I had thought of that before we left!

Bracelet DIY

How simple and adorable is that?!

5 Minute Ribbon Holder

Wow! That sure looks better than my big box of ribbon mess!

Great Gifts: corner frames

Jamie saw those frames when she was shopping one day. Okay, girls, we could so make those! I even have the perfect corner to put them.

Happy Accident

I told Emily that I wish my "accidents" would turn out as awesome as hers!

Thank you to everyone who linked up and if you were featured, grab a button from the sidebar.

Have a great weekend!


Laurie @ said...

l.o.v.e the vacation activity books! I need to make one for our trip to Disney in Sept. How fun:)

Heather said...

Oooh, I dig those corner frames!

Katie Adams said...

Thank you for featuring my Vacation Activity Books! Love your blog!