Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Quick & Easy Luau Necklace

My two favorite things...

quick and easy!
I started to make Jordyn washer necklaces for her to give the girls at her birthday party, but as usual, changed my mind.

While I was searching for "beachy" paper to cover the washers with, I found that paper and decided it was too cute and would work perfect on something besides a washer.

I had a package of wooden nickels so I painted them blue.

I cut out the palm trees and flip flops and mod-podged them to the disc.

Use E-6000 glue and add the bail to the back. Because so many people ask me, I get my bails at Hobby Lobby. I've found these round ones work the best.

Add a cord and bead and it's finished. These are perfect for little party gifts, they hardly cost anything to make. Oh so cute! And the necklace isn't half bad either!

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Terry said...

lol - very cute on both counts.

Cranberry Morning said...

Terri, you have the luckiest grandkids ever!! I can't get over all the cute ideas you come up with. This is really sweet. Love the flip flops!