Wednesday, August 22, 2012


We interrupt this craft blog for a personal post. I just have to share about the most amazing weekend we had with our oldest and dearest friends this past Saturday and Sunday!

And by oldest, I mean these two.

Because Theresa and I haven't changed a bit!

We've been friends with Mike and Theresa since high school and when we get together, nothing has changed. Oh sure, there are 6 kids and 12 grandchildren between us both now, but in our hearts, we're still in our teens. And by the way, I got in trouble for being the only one not in Chiefs red.

They live near St. Louis now and called last week because Mike had tickets to the Chiefs vs Rams football game on Saturday night and wanted us to come for the weekend. The game was awesome (even if the Chiefs did lose), our seats were literally on the front row. Theresa and I (of course) had time to save the world during the game with our nonstop chattering!

On Sunday, Theresa and I went to a craft show in St. Charles. Theresa's sewing and crafting skills make me look like a 4 year old. She's amazing! We didn't buy much at the craft fair, every booth we walked into, we would look at each other and say, "We can make that!". Got some great ideas, though. Later that day, we all went to the Cardinals baseball game.

Mike and Theresa, thank you so much for the beautiful weekend!
Love you!

See you all later this afternoon for It's a Party.


Pamela said...

Looks like a great weekend. And it is nice to know another Chief found out there in blogworld! We keep reminding ourselves that it is still pre-season.

Have a great day!

Cranberry Morning said...

Ah, sounds like a great time!! I know how it is when you walk into a place and think, 'Hey, I can make that!' :-) But then I don't usually make it after all.

See you later today. I'm planning to get back here, but I also have a couple canners full of tomatoes to process, so...