Monday, August 27, 2012

Man Cave Sign

When we moved my craft room upstairs last winter, it left an empty room that was now being used to store junk. You know, a "catch all" room. For some unknown reason (out of the blue), Greg decided this was going to be his new Man Cave. Yeah, that's really not what I had in mind, but okay.

He made it very clear that there was nothing girly or crafty going in there. I'll go along with the girly part, but crafty? I'm trying to sneak a few things in and this sign was the first to make it to a wall.
I had those cheapo pieces of wood stuck back and painted them white first and then dry brushed on the tan so it would give it that washed out look.
I cut the words out on contact paper using the Cameo and painted them brown.
After it dries completely, peel the paper off.
To hang it, I glued jute to the back of all the pieces.
He doesn't know it yet, but I'm working on pillows and a window valance as we speak!
Happy Monday!
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Cranberry Morning said...

He's not going to escape that princess touch! (He can run, but he can't hide!) lol. Cute sign, Terri!

Baye said...

Okay, I think I have a bit of dyslexia. I kept reading "cave man sign" and wondered what that possibly could be! Great sign--even better when read correctly! Love the part about tiaras.