Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More Trash to Treasure

I'm in a cleaning mood lately. Don't get too excited, though, it probably won't last long. This time while I'm cleaning things out, I'm actually not packing things away. You know that place, "away", the far away corner of the basement that continues to grow. I put stuff there and think I'll do something with it later, and most of the time, it just lives down there.

While I'm cleaning, if I find something that needs a little work, I'm either donating it or fixing it up right now.
We have 2 of those ugly old bar stools (I know, what were we thinking when we bought those?!). I had them in the donate pile and then I remembered Greg's new man cave and wanted to use them in there.
The seat was held on by 4 little screws on the bottom. I took it off and cut a big circle of fabric around it.
Baste around the outside with a heavy duty thread and pull tight.
Then for a little more added security, I hot-glued the raw edges to the seat.
That's it, nice and smooth.
Before I screwed the seat back on, I painted the stool with Rustoleum paint.
I've got to know, am I the only one who has the land of far away in the basement or attic for "to do later" projects?


Helen said...

Cute makeover. I like the blue and white together.

New follower from the CHQ blog hop!

Bonnie Franks said...

The chair looks great. Way to go! I have "to do later" projects also. Unfortunately, I rarely do them later. lol

Bonnie @ www.alittleunhinged.com

Ali said...

Wow your revamped chairs look wonderful. I really like the fabric. No your not the only one with projects waiting to be completed. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Thanks for sharing.
Ali x

Emma McCartney said...

It looks amazing! What a great idea!

What a lovely blog you have here! I found you though the blog hop and am now your newest follower! xx


Samantha said...

October may be my unfinished project month, I have a drawer bursting with unfinished items!!

Cranberry Morning said...

You are so incredibly creative and motivated, Terri! I need to stay here so some of that rubs off on me. :-)