Monday, September 17, 2012

Really Dirty Old Trash to Treasure

I don't want to mention any names (Greg), but someone else in this house is thinking he's a crafter.

Yep, he made that lamp for the kitchen table.
The only problem is that he made it so fast, there wasn't even time to grab the camera and take pictures. That was an old light that someone had taken out of their kitchen (probably years ago) and stuck in the garage.
The guys had been working on an old house and Greg spotted it sitting in a corner of the garage. The owner said it was just waiting to go in the trash and was thrilled when Greg told him he would get rid of it for him.
Now when I say it was dirty, I mean black! That picture is after it had been sprayed off with a hose and finally cleaned up enough to bring inside.
He had to rewire it so it could have a plug in and used a cutting board as the base.
I'm in love with all the details of the glass.
He did an awesome job, but I told him if he's going to get serious about this crafting gig, he's going to have to learn to wear a camera around his neck!
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Terri said...

That is the nicest, I'd say the prettiest lamp or anything I have seen made up of cut glass items... and there have been alot of them in blogs lately. He did a marvy job. (and so appropriate for the kitchen things put together.) Way to go, Greg!

Baye said...

It is beautiful and unique. Was it a ceiling light? I've never seen one with a glass base before. Lucky you to have such an imaginative husband. I seldom see past the dirt to the treasure beneath.