Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanksgiving Tree

Or maybe I should say Fall Tree. Anyway, remember I told you how much I loved my Halloween Tree sitting on my dining room table? I couldn't pack it away, so I changed it up a little.

I took all the Halloween decorations off and was on a mission to find something to put on it so I could keep it up a little longer.
Score! When I was waiting at Joann's 2 hours (yes, I said 2 hours!!) to get my fleece cut last weekend when they had their big sale, I found those stems for 70% off and I had a coupon to get 25% off my whole purchase. I got them for little or nothing so it didn't bother me to cut them up.
On a side note, I'm still trying to convince myself to go back to Joann's on Black Friday to buy more flannel. I was there last year when they opened at 5:00 and didn't get out of there until 2:00. Most of that time I was just waiting in a line.
I told Greg the other day that if he would go with me, we could work out a system. He could wait in line for a shopping cart while I grabbed a cutting number and got the fabric and then he could be standing in line to check out. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? Yeah, he looked at me like I was crazy!
Back to the tree...
After I cut everything I wanted to use off the stems, I had itty bitty clothespins that I attached them to the branches with.
I definitely think I've milked that cheap "thrift store find" tree for all it's worth. Yes, it will be packed away after Thanksgiving!

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Terri D. said...

How pretty! Our cats would have a blast! LOL Love it, though!

Cranberry Morning said...

That's very pretty, Terri! And so Thanksgiving. Nice job. I really need to do something around here to make it look more festive! Maybe I'll copy this idea. :-)

Vanessa said...

Hi, Terri

Great way to change the look of your tree. Lovely!