Monday, March 25, 2013

A Few Last Minute Easter Ideas

Can you believe Easter is this Sunday? Wasn't it just Christmas yesterday? This week I've got to concentrate on getting baskets filled and what we're having for dinner on Sunday.

I found the cutest idea for the big kids.

How cute is that Edible Easter Basket from One Good Thing?!
(I'm going to the store today to buy Peeps.)

And I can fill it with this...

Bunny Money like Crafty Journal made.

For Jalynn, Jordyn, and Jace, I bought these totes at Hobby Lobby along with the fabric paint and markers to decorate it later with however they want.

I always try to come with an "Easter basket" that is actually something they can hang on to and use.

This was the dolly basket that I made for Jordyn a couple of years ago for Easter.

I'm working on a couple more for Triniti and Tierni this year.
(They're a little different and I'll show them to you on Friday.)

One thing for sure we're having Sunday are these Resurrection Rolls.
Eat at Allie's has all the details.
What an awesome idea!

Of course, I'll have to make these Easter Chicks from A Thrifty Mom.

Enough chit chat, I've got to get to work!
What last minute things are you doing this week?

Have an awesome Monday!

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Cranberry Morning said...

You have found some great ideas, Terri! I've got grandkids coming this weekend, so I'll probably borrow at least one of these if not more! :-)