Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hits of the Party!

While we're getting ready for this week's It's a Party later this afternoon, let's take a look at some of last week's features. How 'bout it?

The Crafty Blog Stalker

Shabby Love

Southern Scraps

Lady with the Red Rocker

With a Blast

Thank you to everyone who linked up!

I'll see you back here later this afternoon, but right now, I'm off to the doctor.
Covered in poison ivy! UGH!!!


Cranberry Morning said...

Oh no, Terri! So sorry to hear about your encounter with poison ivy!! Hope you can get some relief. I'm off to the doctor today because of two deer tick bites. It annoys me to no end, because it's going to cost over $200 just to have him prescribe something I already know I need. Grrr. Love the features, by the way. I wouldn't even dare start on that pretzel dessert! And the kitchen reveal makes me want to paint my cabinets white. Kevin won't hear of it. lol

Linda @ With A Blast said...

Poison ivy! Ugh - hope you feel better when you get back from the doc! Thanks for the feature, Terri :-)

Noreen said...

When I had poison ivy the only thing that finally cured it was Jewel Weed soap and salve, which I found online. Also, alcohol will cut the urisol oil from the poison ivy, and it wouldn't hurt to really wash down the whole area with alcohol. Hope you recover quickly!

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