Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bubble Necklace

Do you save the shampoo and conditioner from the hotel when you travel?

I do. Just think, if I didn't, we wouldn't have a Bubble Necklace.

I was cleaning out from under the sink in our bathroom (which was long overdue!) and found where I had been stashing them for so long.

I screwed in one of those eye screw things (I never know what they're actually called) through the top of the lid and then put a glob of hot glue to secure it a little more.

I painted and added stickers to the bottle and then sealed it with glitter Mod Podge. 

The wand is from Shrinky Dinks. 

String the bottle and wand to the ribbon and have fun!

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Cranberry Morning said...

Yeah, it's called an eye screw, and isn't that CUTE. See? There's a reason not to throw those away. I think I have a bunch of them around here.


The bottle is awesome and the bottle screw idea is very clever! I'll keep this idea in mind. Thanks. Have a wonderful Fourth weekend ahead.

chu huong said...

Interesting point of view and I agree with most of what you say.You've made some valid points and I think you're spot on. Dich tieng nhat

Poppy said...

Oh how cute, Terri! I have missed all your creative jewelry and craft ideas, the past months! Love how you added the patriotic stickers and the glitter mod-podge, never heard about glittery mod-podge before!Splendid idea! Thanks for the inspiration and for the party! Happy 4th to you and yours!Hugs,Poppy

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