Friday, October 11, 2013

Folded Star Pumpkin

A long time ago when my kids were all little, I did a lot of craft shows. My most popular item was the Folded Star. Remember those?

I made just about anything you can imagine using the basic folded star; hoops, potholders, Christmas tree ornaments, and the list could go on forever.

One thing I never tried was a pumpkin.

Until now.

Most of you probably already know this technique, but in case you need a refresher or if this is new to you, here's the basic idea.

You can use as many contrasting fabrics as you want, but for the pumpkin, I only used two to alternate the rows.

I was going to use an 8" hoop, so I cut 5" squares. If you use a bigger hoop, you should start with 5" and work up to 6" or 7".

Cut 20 of your main fabric and 16 of the contrasting.

For each square and ironing as you go, fold it in half first and then bring in each side to form a triangle. 

I used muslin for the base, but cut it a larger square (mine was 14" and that was real generous) and mark 
the center lines and diagonal.

 I find it helps to iron your piece in half (twice) and match corners and iron the diagonal (twice), mark and then iron flat again.

Using Wonder Under, iron a 4" square of print in the center just to make sure the first row doesn't have any muslin peeking through.

You don't have to do this, but I find it makes it so much simpler when you're sewing each piece on if you make a small dot 1/2" down from the top in the center each triangle.

Finally, it's time to put this thing together.

Start with 4 triangles and matching all your lines, tack the top point to the center of the muslin (creating a square).

Now using the contrasting triangles, you're going to tack them down 1/2" at every line (you'll use 8 pieces for this row. To help hold the ends straight, I add pins as I go and keep moving them down to the next row as I add on.

And that's it, you just keep adding rows until you get to the size you want.

When you get to your final row, baste around the circle (where your pins were).
This is to help hold it all in place as you're putting it in your hoop.
(You can barely see my basting in that photo, but if you look real close, it's there.)

After you have it in your hoop and stretched, cut all the excess away from the back.

It's fine to leave it as it is with the hoop showing in the front, but because I wanted it to look more like a pumpkin, I added just around the outside.

And then I decided it needed one thing more to finish off looking like a pumpkin.

So I glued cinnamon sticks at the top for a stem.

And called it a pumpkin.

I forgot how much fun the folded star is to do and now I'm thinking I might have to start making more of these. They're a great stash buster!

Happy Friday!

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Christie Williamson said...

I may have to make this as an ornament... THAT is pretty!! :) #pinning

Melissa said...

Wow, I never saw those before. Such a cool look! Thanks for sharing!

Vee said...

This is beautiful! It caught my eye immediately! I found you through today's (10-14-13) daily email from CraftGossip. That pumpkin material just oozes goodness!

Marian said...

Really nice idea. I remember how popular these use to be and really still are. This is really beautiful, thanks for sharing it.

Vickie @ said...

I made one of these years ago when I was an assistant in a high school homemaking class! I had forgotten all about it - thanks for reminding me! Yours is so beautiful, I never would have thought to make a pumpkin! Thank you for the "refresher" tutorial!

Diane said...

Wow, never tried this technique but it sure turned out fabulous.

Hugs Diane

StasaLynn said...

That is just way too awesome! I have never seen this done before so thank you for giving us such a great tutorial!

Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

How creative using pumpkin pattern fabric for your folded star. Makes for an awesome Fall decoration for your home.

Three Sheep Studio said...

This is very clever and beautiful !!
Visiting from 'Sew Many Ways'.