Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Shower Curtain to Bedroom Window Shades

I hate the mini-blinds in our bedroom, but because there is a deck across the back of our house and behind those windows, I have to have them. I can't risk having people over the day I don't make my bed and seeing right into the room and mess!

I had an idea the other day to give them a little face lift and not look quite so bad.

That is the shower curtain in our bathroom off the bedroom and believe it or not, I had another one just like it still in the package. (Don't ask me why. They must have been on sale.)

I took the curtain, cut it in half to make 2 and hemmed them. I did them like I did This one, but only used one tension rod in the middle to pull the shade up halfway.

The curtain came with the shower hooks so I hung them from a rod that I had covered in burlap.

I had enough fabric left from cutting the length off to make a chair cushion to match.

With my new shades, the mini blinds are a little more tolerable.

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Cranberry Morning said...

Good idea, Terri! And I find shower curtain rings (and shower curtains) on sale at Goodwill all the time. By the way, SO glad you made your bed for the photo. ;-) LOL

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

That was a great idea Terri.

Amy Perdew said...

This was very resourceful and creative, Terri. Who woulda thought...great job.

Anne Leah said...

Wonderful and very elegant. If you want your custom blinds to look elegant, designing it with your curtain that match colors would be great.

Benjamin Nash said...

Who says having an extra shower curtain of the same design is not good? And who would've thought that they'd make into a nice looking window shades? Haha! Window shades offer privacy as much as they control the amount of light that comes inside. They can also contribute to the look and feel of the room. Nice job you did here!
Benjamin @ Jabot Window Coverings and Interiors

Roxie Tenner said...

Shower curtain turned window shades and a matching cushion! Wow, resourcefulness at its best. Those curtains look like the one that my parents have in their house. We have plenty too, because you’re right; they’re on sale. =) Roxie @ WindowTreatmentsPhiladelphia.com

Linda Perkins said...

Wow! This is absolutely so creative. I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. Shower curtains can be very nice bedroom curtains as well. This is pretty much amazing. I love how these curtains are decorated in this bedroom.