Monday, February 10, 2014

Boot Cuffs & Infinity Necklace

It drives my husband crazy, but I can't stand to just sit and watch TV.
 I have to be doing something. 

So, during the winter months, I crochet.

And lately, I've been making Boot Cuffs.

I found the kind I liked and the tutorial Here at Sew Chatty.

I don't know if the yarn is really new or not, but it's new to me. It's super soft and light.
It's called Soft Secret by Yarn Bee and I got it at Hobby Lobby.
To say that I love it would be an understatement!

Christina sent me these pictures from her phone.
Poor Tyson, I cut his head off when I did the collage. Oops!

I made 3 pairs of the cuffs from one skein and didn't think I had enough to make another pair.

So I started making a chain.
And I chained and chained and chained until I used up all the yarn.

I joined the chain with a slip stitch and started looping.

To hold it, I wrapped another color around where I had joined it together and tied it off.

I don't know if it's an Infinity Necklace or Scarf, but I love it with sweaters.

What a great way to use up yarn left on the skein.

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Julie Corbisiero said...

Hi Terri, I like the these boot cuffs that you made and the necklace. I like crocheting or knitting too when sitting in front of the TV. Have a great day.
Julie at Julie's Lifestyle

Cranberry Morning said...

The boot cuffs are really cute! Unfortunately, I have no problem just lying and eating mixed nuts while watching TV. lol I like the chain necklace too, Terri. You ambitious woman, you!