Saturday, February 1, 2014

Copy Cat Recipe: Panera Bread Broccoli Cheese Soup

We love Panera Bread around here! When I found this copy cat recipe at Budget Saving Diva for Broccoli Cheese Soup (in the bread bowl, of course), I knew I had to try it.

And try it we did. Every single drop of it. Pure perfection!

The recipe says it feeds 4. The next time I make it, I'm going to double the recipe. There was plenty for Greg, me, and the dog, but didn't leave enough for lunch the next day or if we had had anyone else here eating.

I didn't make my own bread bowls, I found them in the bakery at our grocery store. You'll want them, it's the added touch you don't want to miss.

Have a great Saturday!


Cranberry Morning said...

Good grief, doesn't that look delicious! I haven't had broccoli cheese soup in ages. About time to make it again. Thanks, Terri.

sdehaemer said...

Hi there, we make really easy bread bowls out of that Pillsbury instant French bread loafs found by the biscuits and cut and bake cookies. You divide the stick in half or thirds and bake. You get a nice little bread bowl. We use it for chili mostly, but this sounds like a perfect spot. Thanks Sharon