Friday, February 14, 2014

Strawberry Bracelet & Key/Purse Fob

There's snow on the ground. Still.

So let's talk Spring. And Summer. And Strawberries!

That's right, no more gloomy doomy winter.

We're thinking summer and strawberries!

I made both of these in about 5 minutes and guess what they're made out of.

A purse strap!

I got the purse straps at Wholeport and you can find them Here.

The straps come in a pair, but I only used one, cut in half.

I added the clasps for the bracelet and the hook for the purse fob.

I love the cuff look of the bracelet!

By the way, the pine cone has nothing to do with anything. It was the only thing I could find to use to hold the bracelet up. (Didn't want to use my own arm!)

You can hook this to your keys or it would be so cute attached to a purse.


Happy Friday!

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anastasia anezinis said...

so cute strowberries!Great idea!

Renae said...

lovely! very spring/summer and just what I need after another 4 inches of snow yesterday. (ps- love the pine cone pic) visiting from TJ.

Whitney Surane said...

I LOVE these! SO cute!!

WoodsofBellTrees said...

Oh wow this is so cool and adorable!