Friday, March 14, 2014

Trash to Treasure: Baseball Bracelet & Necklace

With Spring right around the corner, it's starting to look a lot like baseball around here.

I made a Gift Card Bracelet a couple of years ago and used that same idea to make a Baseball Bracelet to wear to Jace's games this year.

Guess what I used to make it?

Junk mail!

I used the little baseball on the front for the bottle cap necklace and the seams on the ball on the back for the bracelet.

You could totally just cut out the size of circle that you needed, but I had paper punches that were the perfect size for both, so I used those.

Glue your designs in and then add Dimensional Magic.

I bought both the bottle caps and the bracelet at Hobby Lobby.You'll need to glue a bail on the back of the bottle cap. Some of them come with holes already drilled in for a jump ring, but these didn't.

I really want to call that business and tell them I'm not interested in what they're selling but would love to have more of their postcards. Probably wouldn't go over so well, would it?

Happy Friday!

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Cranberry Morning said...

That is so cute! No kidding, I look at that shiny, beautiful [expensive] junk mail and some of it is hard to throw out. Now I'm thinking I should keep a file of it. Great project!

Candace Herrero said...

This is so stinkin' cute!! Right up my alley... upcycled junk!! Sharing on Facebook, friend!! Thanks for linking up at our Monday Funday Party!!

Sharon @ Blue Willow House said...

So cute and creative.

Teri Ahlm said...

Adorable! I'm happy that I clicked on your link at the Keeping It Simple linky! Thanks for sharing.

Laura Barker said...

What a clever (and pretty!) use for junk mail!

Betsy Finn said...

Great use of junk mail! Thanks for sharing :) (pinned)

Carol TheAnswerIsChocolate said...

Brilliant! Love everything about this. Wanted to let you know I'm featuring when my party opens up tonight.

Katie Adams said...

Thanks for linking to Create Link Inspire at The Crafty Blog Stalker. You have been featured and pinned! Thank you for sharing.