Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Simple Soft Bunny Hoop

I'm having computer issues. Don't you hate that? It's so frustrating!

Anyway...now that I'm back up, I can show you my super simple little bunny hanging on our back door.

Our back door always gets neglected, so I made a super simple hoop to hang there.

I wanted him to look soft, so I used fleece. I've never appliqued fleece before, but it actually wasn't too bad to work with. I used batting rolled up and glued on for the puffy tail.

He's so soft and is the perfect little touch to an empty door.

Have an awesome Tuesday!

Happy Birthday, Christina! We are so blessed that Brandon brought you into our lives and you deserve a day as beautiful as you. We love you!

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Noreen said...

I love your cute little fuzzy looking bunny!

Crafty Journal

Debbie said...

Love the bunny!! It's so cute. :)